About Klothh: Nikhol has worked in the fashion industry for many years as a fashion stylist and editor.  She has worked with countless celebrities, television shows, and fashion editorial. Nikhol has also created "Nikhol Hing Collection" in 2007.   She decided to then take her designs as well as many of designers and start KLOTHH a complete fashion house.  From timeless pieces to original one of a kind pieces.   Accessories to some consignment pieces. Currently they have an in house fashion stylist  that also is a personal shopper.


KLOTHH is a very clean timeless store with an array of looks.  Staying away from all trends. Currently KLOTHH is run by Taylor (Kitty) Kamerin (Kami) and  Nikhol (Nicky) Fashionistas who not just love fashion themselves, but adore keeping all women beautiful and confident.